September 2021 Newsletter - MAX Digital


September 2021

Chip Shortages Vs. The Automotive Community: Who Will Win?

Who wins in the battle between supply shortages and the automotive community? MAX Digital’s Jack Kane gives an update on the scarcity of semiconductors, global COVID outbreaks, and the overall impact on the auto industry.

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DrivingSales Executive Summit Preview

Are you ready for DrivingSales Executive Summit? This year’s show is shaping up to be a can’t miss event. In particular, MAX Digital’s Tim Scoutelas will be joined by James Bingham of Hendrick Automotive Group to present a better way to build inventory with a customer buy center on 10/11!

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September Dealership-of-the-Month: Honda of Concord

Congrats to Honda of Concord, our September Dealership of the Month! As a team, they aim to build a family by bridging the gap between customers and staff. Learn more about how they leverage MAX Digital for success.

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Appraise and Acquire Confidently with a Strong Dealership Appraisal Tool

Stop guessing prices during appraisal. Leveraging strong tools during the trade-in process helps you provide true value while acquiring more inventory. If you are smart with your solutions, you will be put on the road to getting more cars and delivering a better customer experience.

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Back to Basics: Making Evidence-Based Decisions For Your Dealership

Sometimes it is important to go back to the basics. How do you make decisions? If you are making choices for your lot that aren’t evidence-based, then you are putting your dealership at risk. Leverage the best data possible in order to make the smartest decisions for success.

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Stand Out on the Digital Road by Writing Ads Powered by Clean Data

You want to stand out from the pack, right? The digital world is increasingly competitive. That’s why you need to write the best ads possible to grab the customer’s attention. Getting there starts with sparkling clean data.

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