Successful Selling Breeds More Successful Selling

An Interview with John Donaghy, Center Operator at BMW of Palm Springs
“My experience at the Fresno BMW pre-owned dealership was that car buyers are bringing a ton of information with them to our showrooms about the specific car they want to buy,” said Center Operator John Donaghy. “We had implemented the MAX Digital Marketing and Sales Platform at the dealership and it helped all the sales people increase their responsiveness to clients and the accuracy of the information they were provided.” As responsiveness and accuracy increased the transparency of the process to clients improved making them more assured that they were getting their car with the right features and the right price compared to the market. John said that, “Our car sales improved from the low 30 units per month to the mid 40’s. That is over a 50% increase in unit volume! We also saw greater than $500 increase in gross profit.” More cars, successful sales and an improved bottom line was the result. “My team was so pumped about using the MAX Digital capabilities with clients that they were telling the other brand sales team at the dealership that didn’t have MAX Digital. They couldn’t wait to use it too,” said John. When you invest time and money in new technology you want your team to be vested and take it on aggressively so you can get the return you expect as a manager. When your sales team is this engaged that is exactly what you get. For the next team to be trained the learning curve should be even shorter making the return on your investment even better!
“I have moved on as Center Operator at BMW of Palm Springs and have already placed our order for the MAX Digital Marketing and Sales Platform there too,” said John. “I look forward to having the same success with the sales team in Palm Springs, too.” When you are successful you want to replicate that success elsewhere as part of your legacy. You can count on it when MAX Digital is on the ride with you.