Breathe Life Into Your
Vehicle Display Pages (VDPs)

Vehicle display pages (VDPs), also called vehicle description or vehicle detail pages, show your inventory in a real-time format to potential customers. Rather than just displaying a generic description of a make and model of a vehicle, VDPs are more than just web pages—they provide a seamless opportunity to turn browsers into buyers.

Vehicle Display Pages Give Access to Both Customers and Sales Teams

With the increasing amount of mobile devices shoppers use to access information when researching vehicles, dealerships must be right where customers are looking at every step of their car buying journey. VDPs allow your dealership to meet them wherever they are in the buyer’s path rather than wait for them to wander onto your sales lot—or off your lot to the next dealership.

Note the following statistics about potential customers’ use of mobile devices when considering making a vehicle purchase:

  • 68% of US adults own smartphones according to a Pew survey.
  • The 2015 J.D. Power New Autoshopper Study found that 51% of car shoppers said they used a smartphone or tablet to help find the make, model, price and dealership that best suited their needs.
  • 54% of consumers who used mobile devices in the car-shopping process ended up making a purchase according to Mobile Path-to-Purchase Study conducted by xAd.
  • From the same study, 40% of those surveyed say they consider mobile to be their single most important tool for making purchasing decisions.
  • In an 2014 Car Shopping Trends Report, 100% of smartphone owners surveyed say they used their device to perform some sort of car-shopping activity, typically for vehicle and pricing information.
  • Other research reported a 0.14 increase in VDP views per customer corresponded to a 62% increase in conversion rate.

Digital Showroom from MaxDigital Provides Seamless Shopper Experiences

MaxDigital’s Digital Showroom is a powerful tool your dealership can use to help your dealership’s VDPs increase margins. Two components of the Digital Showroom, +MAX Sales Showroom and +MAX Consumer Showroom, empower both your sales team and consumers with information generated by MAX Content Generation Engine.

When you ensure access to your VDPs across desktop and mobile devices, different browsers, and varied platforms, you’re enabling relevant traffic to see your inventory listings in real-time. With +MAX Sales Showroom, you are also providing metrics that give as much information to the customer as possible to establish you as an advisor rather than just a sales person.

VDPs should provide clarity to the consumer. Well-written, engaging vehicle descriptions, high quality pictures that load quickly, robust and relevant information, correct pricing, and other components that reflect your inventory all work together seamlessly to create a fantastic customer experience in +MAX Consumer Showroom.

MAX Analytics provides relevant analytics in time to market, online classified performance, classified trends, and website traffic give you insight into consumer behavior.

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