MAXDigital Customer Testimonials

Working With MAXDigital Makes a Difference

Larry H. Miller Tucson Stores | Tucson, AZ

Detailed Info Keeps Deals Sizzling

Larry H. Miller Tucson StoresChris Hensley, Internet Director: “The MAX product gives the salesperson the vehicle information in their hand right away. From the beginning of the conversation, he can plant the car’s value in the customer’s mind.”
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Fremont Motor Cos.

Effective merchandising gets sales rolling


Jeff Running, E-Commerce Director: “It’s made a big difference for us, and really helped build consumer confidence, especially in our used vehicles. In the past two years the company has seen a significant amount of growth, with unit counts and market share increases across the board.”

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Get The Right Car at the Right Price


Michael Cavanaugh, Chief Operating Officer: “MAX takes the time to understand the situation and what you need; they don’t just go through a canned list. Every employee genuinely cares about you and wants you to be successful. MAXDigital is a core part of our business; we wouldn’t be as successful as we are without them.”

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BMW of Freehold | Freehold, NJ

Improve Your Sales and Profit

BMW of Freehold

Dori Dado, General Sales Manager: “Before we signed up with MAX, a customer would go to our website looking for a [BMW] 3 series and find that we have 100 in stock. All had different prices, all had different options—but to the customer, the descriptions on our website were identical; all we could list was the standard options.”

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Rainbow Automotive | Covington, LA

Use Data to Sell Cars

MAX_Digital_ Rainbow-Luxury-Imports

Mark Rose, General Manager: “What MAXDigital did for me was to put all the marbles on the top of the table so that I can deal with one champion partner to help me have a holistic look at my business.”

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“Thank you so much for the training on MAXDigital today. Not one hour after the training I was able to put it to use. Had a customer comparing our truck to another at Rogers Dabbs that they were going to add leather too. I had not seen our truck as it hasn’t even made it all the way through service. I pulled the truck up through MAXDigital and discovered it was as loaded a Lariat as one could get. Not only was I able to go over the options that made our truck way more special, but also was quickly able to show the money value of these options. This built a ton of value instantly on our truck.”

Abe Morris, Sales Manager, Gray Daniels Ford

“Thank you for the help with MAX, we have integrated it into everything we do here and our salespeople are buying in. My last two interactions with customers were on a Silverado and BMW 1 series. On the Silverado I was able to hold the price showing the truck had $4,000+ of MSRP packages that other trucks in the market didn’t.”

Victor Fehrm, Used Car Manager, Coggin Honda Fort Pierce

“[MAXDigital] is a super tool and it is so fast and easy to use. We will close more deals and make more gross using this tool.”

Abe Morris, Sales Manager, Gray Daniels Ford

Zimbrick Chevrolet | Sun Prairie, WI

Don’t Leave Money on the Table


Pat Buchanan, Used Car Sales Manager: “If you are not on some sort of appraisal tool, you are leaving money on the table with each car you’re selling.”

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Waconia Dodge | Waconia, MN

Take Your Showroom Anywhere


Andy Strong, Co-Owner: “MAXDigital is the leader in our industry and by focusing on our strategic sales support needs they deliver results for us in key measurable ways.”

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BMW of Peabody | Peabody, MA

Price Your Vehicles to Win


Todd Currie, Preowned Sales Manager: “When you’re dealing with a customer, it provides the best leverage for why you’re pricing a car a certain way.”

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Len Stoler Automotive Group | Owings Mills, MD

Find Solutions at Every Level

Len Stoler Automotive Group

Len Stoler: Owner “MAX has helped us with our used-car sales and with marketing our used cars better. The company has been great to deal with, and we believe their products are state of the art in the industry.”

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Price Leblanc Automotive Group | Metairie, LA

Maximize Your Profit with MAX Digital Showroom

Price Leblanc Automotive Groupon Goodart, Operations Manager: “Using MAX Digital Showroom, you can show someone that a vehicle might be priced higher than the average in the market but has $6,000 in options from the factory that those other vehicles don’t. It helps justify why we set that price.”
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MAXDigital helps thousands of dealerships nationwide adapt to the changing landscape of the digital car-buying market. We can optimize your acquisition, pricing, merchandising, and sales processes by leveraging real-time data. Our products make it easy to track, manage, and turnover your inventory while protecting your margins.

We can go into more detail about the solutions we offer, and we’re available to schedule a demonstration of any of our products, but you might get more mileage out of hearing from a few of MAXDigital’s happy customers. In addition to software and analytics, our clients benefit from 24/7 technical support and a dedicated team committed to the success of each dealership. We aspire to help you meet all of your goals, whether you want to maximise gross profits or streamline your internal processes.

Our team of experts is committed to the satisfaction of our customers, and we hope these testimonials will show you the level of service you’ll get working with MAXDigital.