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First Team Automotive Group
Success Story

The auto industry is a competitive field. There are a lot of dealerships in the market that vie for the attention of a wide consumer base. Because of this, it is imperative that a dealer makes every effort to ensure that the customer experience is a seamless and pleasant journey. With many solutions available to pick from, dealers need to select tools that provide a new level of interactivity with their customers. It is critical that they be proactive in a way that elevates their dealership above all others. Clinton Johnson of First Team Automotive Group spoke with us and told us why MAX Digital is the provider for them.

“We have tried other competitors in the market and were accustomed to their products,” Johnson started. “As VP of Business Development, it’s my job to look for new tools and solutions we can use. We were instantly drawn to MAX Digital and FirstLook because of the cost factor, as well as because of what FirstLook can accomplish with its reporting and marketing data capabilities.”

“All our used car operations are up year-over-year and a lot of that is attributed to the tools of engagement within FirstLook…whether it be the descriptions or reporting. The combination of the product as one has been key to our success.”

“MAX Digital Showroom helps the reps with having all the information in one single place for them to be able to access. With MAX Digital’s data, our BDC gets more than 4,000 leads a month!” said Johnson.

“We have seen some very good results with the stack of MAX Digital products,” Johnson stated. “When you combine all the tools MAX has, it gives us more insight than the competitors could. Gross vs units is very successful in terms of our used car operations.”

“At the end of the day, there are certain things that FirstLook does for us that the competitors simply can’t. From a reporting aspect to the merchandising, MAX is far superior. MAX Ad gives us more flexibility and we can manually put vehicles on our website with the click of a button. Our team uses MAX faithfully.”

First Team Automotive Group uses many MAX Digital products including: FirstLook | MAX BDC | MAX Ad | MAX Digital Showroom

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