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Kahlig Auto Group Success Story


The MAX Digital team had the honor of sitting down with Bob Terrill, Corporate Used Car Director at Kahlig Auto Group to learn what he liked about MAX.

The digital aspects of MAX are the best. MAX Ads makes putting your digital ads together so easy, convenient, and super quick. We’re a volume store. Last month we sold over 2,000 used cars. We need easy. If it’s not easy, my guys aren’t going to do it. And even as easy and quick as it is, I still have to get on them about picking packages and using MAX to make each vehicle stand out.

It’s so important, because all the millennials, they search by packages. So if you don’t have the customer’s package like the tech package in your ad description, your car might have it, but it’s never going to pull up in their search. It’s hugely critical that they have it in the digital ad. If it’s not in the digital ad, and that’s how most people shop nowadays, they are never going to find it.

“Using MAX and FirstLook takes average used car managers and makes them great and takes our great used car managers and makes them like Superman”
Bob Terrill
Bob Terrill, Corporate Used Car Director Kahlig Auto Group

I’ve been with this company 32 years. None of this existed until like 15 or 16 years ago. Well, what I used to do by hand, FirstLook took and put in a nice little computer package. We’ve mostly used MAX since then, we’ve tried some other products, a VP met somebody at a trade show up in Vegas and they switched us all over to another system. The system was okay, not that user-friendly, but we had issues with staff and were struggling. I was getting a lot of phone calls. So we went back and got all the stores back on MAX again. It’s so much more user friendly, it’s a lot faster, the guys were comfortable with it, and it’s helped with our digital marketing.

FirstLook helps you sell more cars and make more money on each car. You can see what your competition is doing quick, what they have in stock and where they have it priced. So you can price right. I use all the reports. I like Stop the Drop. As far as stocking, your market velocity and core inventory dashboard on the home screen makes it easy to make sure we’re stocking the right cars. You can get the right cars, price them right, make each vehicle stand out and support that price with the customer.

What sets the MAX team apart without a doubt is customer service. Great people, real people that can help. It’s the people that matter in this business. We’re successful at Kahlig because we take care of our employees and we take care of our customers.

If you do that everything else kind of falls in place. Look at what you do day to day through that prism and everything else will take care of itself.

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