Detailed info keeps deals sizzling

The hot desert weather in Tucson, Ariz., can make it unbearable to work outside. Just ask the team at Larry H. Miller’s four Tucson dealerships.
Larry H. Miller Tucson Dealership Success Story
“Just last month in Tucson it was 100 degrees every day,” says Shannon Neilson, senior digital services adviser for the four dealerships. “Imagine if you’re one of our internet salespeople talking to a customer about a vehicle and the customer has a question—having to ask the customer for their phone number, go out in that weather, find the specific car and double check all the features of it.” But because the dealerships use MAX Digital’s products, all the information about each vehicle on the lot—from VIN number to mileage, vehicle history and accident records, factory options and packages, plus the original prices paid for them—is available with just a click, on a computer, tablet or phone screen.
Our guys love it. MAX gives you all the information right there on the screen.
At Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Tucson, the sales team uses tablets. “A salesperson can link to MAX on his iPad, and look up the inventory quickly,” says Chris Hensley, the dealership’s internet director. “He can show the customer why it’s a good price. It’s easy for the salespeople to build value in a used product.” Hensley says the MAX vehicle descriptions give both the customer and the salesperson the information they need to confidently make a deal. “From a salesman’s perspective, you have the ability to look at the detailed description about the options and packages, and feel knowledgeable about the car you’re selling. Sometimes a customer would call and ask if a specific car has such and such on it—but if it’s a product you don’t sell, you don’t know. You’d have to run out to the car and try and figure it out. Now you just have to call it up on the screen and look at the description,” he says. “You also can look at the original prices of the packages, and show that to the customer when you’re talking about the car’s value. We never had the ability to do that before.
“As a salesperson you can feel comfortable about what you’re telling the customer, and that’s important.”
Having the information readily at hand helps salespeople avoid price drops as well, Hensley says. “It helps us to justify maintaining our price. When a customer wants to haggle on the price, the salesperson’s response typically is that we have a little bit of room. But the MAX product gives the salesperson the vehicle information in their hand right away,” he says. “From the beginning of the conversation, he can plant the car’s value in the customer’s mind.” Not only is the information instantly available, but it’s also easy to read. “I come from a design background; that is my passion,” says Neilson, who was recruited from a job managing retail websites. “The MAX pages are very well designed and user-friendly.” Agrees Hensley, “MAX provides cleaner descriptions that are done well. I like the way the information is presented on the iPads.” Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Tucson, like many dealerships, is closed on Sundays.
But if I’m a customer on the lot on Sunday, I can find the MAX information sheet on the car window. I can scan the QR code and get direct information about that vehicle, to find out everything about that car. The MAX vehicle information enhances the experience for the customer.
In addition, Hensley and Neilson say, the MAX Digital team goes above and beyond to be there when needed. “Our rep is super-special. One Saturday I sent him an email and he got back to me in less than a half-hour,” Hensley says. “The level of support is incredible.”
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