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Luther Westside Volkswagen
Success Story

The shape of the auto industry is in constant fluctuation. With technologies available to help streamline processes, car dealers need to be picky with what tools they select for their store. Because of this, solutions for inventory management and sales enablement become more critical than ever before for holding gross. Your goal as a car dealer needs to be maximizing profits while providing the best possible customer experience. Luther Westside Volkswagen‘s Used Car Manager, Tom Daly spoke with us and explained how MAX Digital’s products are the right choice for doing just that.

When it comes to inventory management, FirstLook is the only choice. It’s valuable for us because it allows us to not miss any equipment and prevents us from over evaluating. It puts us spot-on.

Some of the new additions for MAX Digital have been game-changers for us, too. We love being able to pull up the Original Window Sticker. It is a massive benefit for us. I’d be lost without the tool. The information that is available to us is exactly what we need. Having the CARFAX, OEM Window Stickers, and other elements that I immediately use being just a touch away….that makes our jobs easier.

As far as speed goes, everything in MAX is right there to give us a guide to determine values. I print out a sheet to let the customer know that I didn’t pull any numbers from out of thin air. I can show them how I got my number. When it comes to retail, it’s a great tool as it helps me be sure that I am correct. I think presenting those numbers to your customer builds confidence for them.

At first, many customers may be uncomfortable during the car buying process. Our job is to give them as much information as we can so that they feel as if they are well taken care of as a customer. It’s what it’s all about. It’s fun. We want every new person in our store to be a customer for life. And MAX helps us accomplish that.
Tom Daly
Tom Daly, Used Car Manager

All in all, MAX Digital is wonderful. I’m in it all the time. Every deal gets worked through the platform. It’s great for us, our sales team, and our customers. It builds a lot of credibility while making operations a lot easier. Everything is documented and we can share numbers that are real. With MAX Digital, we are able to deliver a fair price and our customers feel appreciated.

Luther Westside Volkswagen uses many MAX Digital products including: FirstLook | MAX Ad

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