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Fun, More Appointments, and A Stronger Customer Experience

Zimbrick Automotive Success Story

The MAX Digital team had the pleasure of sitting down with Tim Porter, Director of Customer Care, Zimbrick Automotive and learning more about how he makes the car buying process a little more fun with MAX BDC.

The customer can hear it when you’re frazzled. The automotive industry can’t keep doing things the same ways if it isn’t working. We are constantly looking for ways to better serve our customers and our team. You have to love what you do. If you are struggling through, your team will be unhappy and your customers are not going to be excited to purchase. 

Our website isn’t quite as robust for answering customer questions. That’s not what it was built to do.  MAX BDC search is more fluid and quicker for handling that all important first contact, that is a win. Now I couldn’t take it away from my staff.   

It makes the process more fun and engaging for the customer. 

It’s hard for a customer to walk away from someone who is enthusiastic about the product. When it’s easy, it’s fun for everyone.

Tim Porter, Director of Customer Care, Zimbrick Automotive

The customer wants to know, “Does this crossover have heated rear seats?” Being able to search by options, by whatever the customer is looking for, that quick search element really helps us. 

Instead of having to call them back, we can set that appointment now.

My team wouldn’t want to be without it [MAX BDC], now. 

Overall our experience with MAX Digital has been stellar. The thing we have really appreciated is, their sense of humor, honestly. They get it. It’s not rocket science. We’re just making the path to buying a car a little easier. MAX BDC is a great tool because:

  1. The search capabilities (including the specific packages and detailed vehicle content) are far more refined than our previous system.
  2. It’s easy to send one link for several specific cars so the customer and our team have it all together
  3. The design layout is both visually strong and very user friendly.
  4. Our customer stays with Zimbrick (only) inventory and still sees options.
  5. There is an immediate feedback icon to “MAX” for virtually “on the fly” changes/updates. It’s a live interactive record, when the customer changes anything we know and anyone across the team can always see the latest. 
  6. They have a tremendous support team. Truly the best I’ve experienced. They are engaged, interested and always seeking improvements.

Bottom Line is the functionality of the MAX Digital system is absolutely aligned with and aimed at providing our customers with answers in a quick and accurate format…  translation?  MORE APPOINTMENTS and a STRONGER CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE for all of our 16 franchises.

It’s supposed to be fun buying a car. MAX BDC and the MAX team make it easier and more fun for us and our customers. That’s a big deal.

Tim Porter, Director of Customer Care, Zimbrick Automotive

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