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0 – 10 pts
Please, stop the bleeding! Money is speeding from your dealership quicker than a foreign sports car at the Grand Prix. Take immediate action to get your margins back on track or your dealership will be totaled.
11 – 23 pts
You’ve made too many wrong turns . . . get out the GPS. Your margins are hurting and at this rate, it will be crash and burn. Your drops are consistent and deep. Your dealership needs to think fundamentally about what it can do to improve internal processes
24 – 29 pts
You’re coasting, but need to step on the gas pedal to get your margins where they should be. Consider tools and training to empower your team to stop the drop at your dealership.
30 – 34 pts
Keep it up and, when you can, let us know your secret sauce to holding gross margins… You’re a pro.

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