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Your car dealership gets new inventory every day. Some of those cars are new, and some of them are used. Every car has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), but it’s up to you and your sales managers to decide a car’s final price.

Used cars can be especially tricky to price based on their age, condition, mileage, option packages, and so on. Used vehicle inventory management is where a vehicle pricing tool can really come in handy.

A vehicle pricing tool removes any guesswork from the equation. Instead of setting a price based on assumptions, it sets the price for you based on data. MAXDigital is glad to offer vehicle pricing tools to our partners as part of our Inventory Management Platform.

Our Vehicle Pricing Tool Makes Your Business More Transparent

MAXDigital’s vehicle pricing tool uses real-time data based on a wide sample of market listings from across your region to determine an appropriate range of prices for a given car. We also look at historical data specific to your dealership for fine-tuned pricing precision that competing software doesn’t offer. Think of our tool as a used vehicle value calculator.

We also offer price point validation from third parties based on:

  • Vehicle age
  • Mileage
  • Trim level
  • Equipment
  • Option packages
  • Powertrain

The best part of using the MAXDigital vehicle pricing tool is you don’t have to keep this information to yourself. You can make this data available to car buyers so they can see the value of your inventory firsthand. Your sales process will be more transparent, which will build trust between you and your customers. It will also help you prevent unnecessary discounting on a unit you know is priced fairly.

We also offer group level analytics so you can adjust prices across your entire dealership organization.

If you want to see our vehicle pricing tool in action, schedule a product demonstration right now. We’re happy to answer all your questions about our Inventory Management Platform, as well as our other solutions to the digital age of car buying. If you’re a dealership looking to protect your profit margins, MAXDigital is here to help.

Consumers crave merchandising strategies transparently show the value and quality of what you’re selling.

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