Why Choose MAXDigital

If your dealership suffer gross profit margin loss, you’re not alone. As the market continues to shift further into the digital domain, dealerships nationwide are unsure of how to keep up — and that’s where MAXDigital can help.

Our job is to increase and maintain your dealership’s profits at every stage of the sales process.

To do this we help you:


Acquire vehicles based on market demand and your dealership’s specific sales history.


Price using an extensive number of market listings, at all equipment packages and trim levels.


Merchandise by demonstrating value through pictures, custom window stickers, and website listings.


Sell more vehicles at a higher gross profit with price-validating market authorities on phones and tablets.




How MAXDigital Stands Out From The Competition.


Location, location, location — A common saying in real estate that applies equally well to acquiring inventory. While the competition uses general trends and local information, MAXDigital uses advanced proprietary tools that are hyper-local; in other words, we use data specific to your dealership, so that you have access to the most impactful information.

This hyper-locality allows more market listings and more thorough, high-impact market-specific listings.


Group-Level Analytics — While most companies in this space offer individual store insights, we distinguish ourselves with the ability to provide group-level analytics. You no longer have to lose out on great opportunities because you weren’t equipped with the most comprehensive information.

MAXDigital’s tools and high-level analysis can improve dealership groups as a whole, rather than one individual store at a time.


Robust Market Listings — Combining the effects of all our efforts and solutions, you get an incredibly robust market listing that would be difficult for others to replicate.

Learn more about how MAXDigital can help your dealership by scheduling a free product demonstration or contacting one of our experts.

“It’s a benefit when our advisers are talking to customers about off-brand models they don’t know. They don’t have to call up a salesman; the MAX program gives you every factory option on every car. Instead of saying, ‘Let me go check on that,’ we can pull the information right then and there so the customer has the most relevant information on the car they’re considering.”

Todd Currie, Pre-Owned Sales Manager, BMW of Peabody

“Selling more cars for more money with a happy buyer is a formula for success. When I read that MAXDigital was one of the fastest growing software companies in the US I was not surprised.”

Andy Strong, Co-Owner, Waconia Dodge

“We’re in the ‘right now’ business. I don’t have time to be transferred around from person to person. MAX’s support system is tremendous—even the CEO is responsive. And I know I’m not their only dealer. It’s worth everything when you need help and can make one call and get your problem resolved.”

Dori Dadi, General Sales Manager, BMW of Freehold