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FirstLook’s inventory management system provides end to end visibility of the entire pre-owned retail operations process and empower dealers and dealer groups with advanced analytics, cutting edge best practices and decision-making tools designed to maximize opportunities for securing higher profits. No one in the industry has better data to help you understand what will sell in your dealership.

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MAX Digital MAX Auto Inventory Management Software

How it Works

MAX Digital MAX Auto Inventory Management Software

Acquire and Stock with Confidence

Our vehicle inventory management tool mines historical sales data and puts them side-by-side with current market trends specific to your area. This allows you to acquire the type of cars, trucks, and SUVs most likely to sell in your location.

Instantly Appraise

Our auto dealer inventory management software pulls market data on current vehicle pricing to help you find a fair appraisal point for each car in your inventory. Pair our inventory software tools like MAX Pricing & Appraisal with MAX My Trade for the most robust approach to pricing and appraising across the full inventory cycle.
MAX Digital MAX Auto Inventory Management Software
MAX Digital MAX Auto Inventory Management Software

Validate Your Numbers

With ten pricing proof points, including third-party resources like Kelley Blue Book, NADA and Edmunds, you can validate your pricing and appraisals making it easy to avoid unnecessary discounting.

“It is an easier system to use than some of the competitors I’ve used. It helps me keep focused… Merchandising alerts and performance analytics are easy to get a quick overview every day.”

Alex Thayer, CARite Of Grand Ledge

Make more on every car.

The Power of FirstLook

Performance Dashboards & Alerts

Retail Performance Dashboards provide reporting, analytics and notifications that improve visibility and decision making across all of pre-owned retail operations. Whether managing a group, single store, or simply need to know the performance of your online presence, dealers will have powerful insights into key performance metrics and alerts them to opportunities for improving gross and turn.

Retail Market Intelligence

Retail Market Intelligence is the largest and most reliable source of vehicle market data in the industry. Using proprietary algorithms, FirstLook searches and analyzes market listing data from across the internet and combines it with two years of sales history from your DMS. This data provides visibility into your used car operations, enabling you to effectively price, merchandise and stock the optimal mix of inventory.

Retail Sales Enablement

FirstLook provides solutions to empower dealer sales professionals with relevant and insightful selling tools that help them close today’s online digital savvy shopper. With these tools, sales professionals can leverage FirstLook’s rich vehicle data repository in the palm of their hand, to close the customer on value and hold the gross in the deal.

FirstLook, the Pioneer of Modern Automotive Inventory Management

From the founding of FirstLook to the present day, performance management and reporting capabilities have been developed in close partnership with large dealer group clients, keeping the focus on consistent delivery of superior results. MAX Digital works with over 1,500 dealership retailers across the United States to transform their retail processes and sell more vehicles more profitably through smart inventory management and digital retail solutions.

Our robust Inventory Management and Merchandising software suite includes:

MAX Ad & Syndication
  Automatically create engaging ads & distribute to 200+ sites.
MAX Analytics
  Powerful analytics for dealers in user friendly dashboards.
MAX Integrations
  Integrations with major systems and data providers.
MAX Path to Purchase
  Integrations with major systems and data providers.

See Plans and Pricing and all our solutions for an overview of our full product suite.

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At MAX Digital, we are dealer champions. That means we have your back and yours alone. We build systems that perform when road tested against the competition because they’re built to make you more money on every car. Schedule a demo to find out more about what we can do for your dealership.

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