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This simple elegant interface makes your sales team instant experts. Share unique selling points for each vehicle, set appointments, provide trade-in estimates and close more deals. Schedule a demo to get started.

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Sales Enablement Tools

All the information you need to sell a car – instantly at your fingertips. Empower your sales team and exceed your customer’s expectations with MAX Digital Showroom.

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Collaborative trade-in tool, with walk-around app, is built on the inventory management platform for current customers.

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Inventory Management Tools

Robust data platform to automate your vehicle listings, syndicate to top sites and bring traffic to your lot. Integrations and write back capabilities ensure your data is always up to date across systems.

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Used by some of our largest and most successful clients to get end-to-end visibility of your entire pre-owned operations process at a fraction of the cost of industry giants.

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Jeff Pursel, Variable Operations Manager of South-Central Pennsylvania dealership group – Ciocca Dealerships, explains how MAX Digital has helped super power sales at his dealerships.

Which systems does MAX Digital integrate with?

MAX Digital integrates with all major DMS systems, CRM systems, inventory management systems, and major website and data providers.

Do I have to replace my current Inventory Management tool to get Max Ad & Syndication?

No, we work with all major inventory management systems, including vAuto, Inventory Plus, Home net, Dealer Specialties and more.

Do you need to have MAX Ad to use MAX Digital Showroom?

MAX Digital Showroom is an all-inclusive plan that includes all the functionality needed for your team to provide details, estimates, and make appointments.

Is MAX My Trade sold independently?

MAX My Trade utilizes the robust pricing and appraising capabilities of MAX inventory management so it is not sold independently.

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